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Hello, we are the sportwey team and in this article we will tell you how to use the function that will help you assign the result capture function to the referees, you can assign from one game to more games where the referee has fulfilled his role.

If you only have one match of the day assigned, you will perform the following steps.

Select the tournament in which you will add or modify the score.

Select the Schedule section.

On the next screen you will locate the game in which you want to add the score.

You select the game in which the marker is going to be added.

On your right side, when you click, the following options will appear, among which will be the option of Referee.Link

When you select the referee option, the following screen will appear where you will be provided with the league so that you can send it to the match referee or, if you prefer, a WhatsApp message with the match link where he can add the score. (the referee will not need an account within sportwey to be able to make the modification)-

The referee will see the following screen where he can add the score and match statistics.

Finally, you must click on finish the game so that the statistics are reflected in the tournament.

And that's all, so you can have another option to update the statistics of the tournament you created.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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